Ocean Sailing


Our ocean passages attract people for a huge range of reasons, and no more so than on this trip.  We were fully booked from Isafjord to Plymouth and amongst our guests was Sarah, who joined us primarily to gain sea miles and experience before setting off on her own project to row the Indian Ocean.  We spent many hours discussing ocean sailing and rowing, her enthusiasm for her project and the amount of planning going into it is admirable.  Read her Blog here to give you a guest’s perspective of an ocean passage!  She gives a great description of the trip and enthusiastic description of the whales and wildlife we saw en route.  Also take time to check out her site and learn more about her project and the reasons for it.

We were again joined by Sakis, his second ocean passage with us this season to gain miles and more ocean experience and we wish him well in his new project in Greece.  Jo and Dave came along to sample their first passage of longer than 48 hours.  A range of experience and interests which we split between the watches.  We had some great days sailing along the coast in Iceland, but motored a good deal of the open ocean passage from Iceland to the Hebrides in light winds. As we headed south down the Irish Sea we had a very exhilarating sail in Gale force winds.  Velvet Lady and all aboard loved it.

After such a long sail in a gale we always like to go up the rig and have a look around.  This time in Plymouth we also knew it was time for a retune.  We had brand new rigging 18 months ago, and over a period of time and the 14,000 miles we have sailed so far it is likely to stretch.  The guys from Allspars in Plymouth have been to the boat, and given her a ‘good looking after’ including removing the forestay to shorten it slightly to give room to adjust the tension if it stretches again.

Our new toys are starting to arrive, and Richard and I were very excited when a large box arrived from Channon Sails with our new furling jib/yankee in it.  We have opened it up on the dock and admired it and are looking forward to hoisting it.

Part of the requirement the MCA has of professional crew is regular medicals, and yesterday Richard and I went for ours here in Plymouth.  We’re all good to go and happy that another job is ticked off the list.  Just a few more to go and we will be ready to go sailing again.

We set off in 2 weeks time across the Bay of Biscay.  There are still places available on this trip which has now been discounted to £895 per person.  Why not join us for another exhilarating sail.