Velvet Food, Adventurous Sailing

stunning sunset

We had a really international group with us this past 10 days.  Henry and Mairead from Ireland, Koen from Belgium, Alex from Guernsey, Jeani from USA and Lone from Denmark.  The huge variety in backgrounds, sense of humour and accents made for  a great mix.   We were sailing down the coast from Bodo to Kristiansund on the first leg of our trip back to Plymouth and with 300 miles to go in a southerly direction we were disappointed in the forecast for southerly winds and more than a little rain!!

Our first day out of Bodo, we had some good sailing as we made our way south and stayed overnight in the small town of Ornes.  They had recently fitted a new guest pontoon which we were happy to make good use of.  Our second day we set off to the glacier at Engen and were lucky that when we arrived the rain stopped and the sun came out giving everyone the chance to hike up the hill.

The weather forecast for the next 2 days was for strong wind becoming gales then severe gales, but at the glacier it was flat calm.  We hoped that we might get a little further so left the glacier and headed to a small bay still in the shelter of Holandsfjord.  This again has had a guest pontoon fitted recently and we were really pleased to tie up there as we could feel and see the wind howling outside.

We had to spend 2 nights there and so once the weather cleared up we needed to make a 2 night passage instead of a 1 night passage south.  We had glorious westerly winds for the first 100 miles and made great progress reaching between the islands and across the Arctic Circle.  We were sailing into a high, and the further south we got, the lighter the wind until eventually we were motoring in a glassy sea.  Our second night at sea we had a stunning sunset, perfect moonrise  and we even had a glimpse of the Aurora Borealis!!

We anchored in a beautiful bay at 9 am on Saturday, and after everyone had had a little nap to recover from the passage we spent the afternoon enjoying the sunshine.

Our last day sail to Kristiansund involved lots of tacking in light westerly winds – of course.   Our final night on board was a Sunday and so dinner was roast pork, rosemary potatoes, braised cabbage and gravy followed by home-made cheesecake.  This was when Henry captured the phrase for our guest book

Velvet Food and Adventurous Sailing

This totally sums up what we hope to offer.  Velvet food, accommodation and hospitality combined with real adventurous sailing on our fabulous Oyster 55 Velvet Lady.

Why not join us on one of our trips to find out.  Our Schedule for 2014 is now online.



Orca Whale, Minke Whale, Eagles and more on our last sailing holiday in the Lofoten Islands

orca 3

We often sit around at the end of the day and muse on the highlights.  At the end of the week we ask about favourites, sometimes it is hard to decide and especially this week – every day seemed to have a memorable moment.  Here are a few of our memorable moments to share with you from this week

  •  a spectacular anchorage for the evening in Vettoya with sea eagles circling overhead
  • ten tack lemon meringue pie after beating to windward amongst rocky islets
  •  a fantastic 40 mile sail to Henninsgsvaer, with a panoramic view of islands everywhere
  •  a minke whale spotted on the bow as we leave Henningsvaer
  • hot dogs for lunch beam reaching past Skrova
  • Fantastic views from the top of the hill at Digermulen
  • a gentle sail to Trollfjord for a buffet lunch
  • a new anchorage at the north side of the Lofoten Islands in Helgenes, very peaceful ashore
  • Freshly caught cod goujons as a starter for dinner, caught in Helgenes by Tracey.  Time from the line to the pan – 45 minutes!
  • Great long sail along the north coast of the Lofoten Islands, with ever changing wind angles – motoring under a 30 metre bridge
  • Watching them unload fish at the factory in Kleppstad
  • Walking amongst the fishing boats in Ballstad and peering into the refit shed
  • Catching 9 mackerel whilst drifting off Nusfjord, 3 on the line all at once
  • Following an Orca along the coast at a distance of  75m, taking lots of photographs
  • Eating fresh mackerel for dinner and trying our hand at making mackerel pate
  • Stunning Mountain Scenery in Reine – see photo below
  • Storming sail back from the Lofoten Islands, wind on the beam most of the way
  • Anchoring off the white sandy beaches at Stegeroya, enjoying a glass of wine in the cockpit and  a perfect sun at sunset
  • Anchoring for lunch in Landegode, sea eagles soaring above, swimming and beachcombing below
  • Ferry dodging on the way back to Bodo


Doesn’t leave very much to add to make a blog!

This was our last week in the Lofoten Islands for 2013.  We sailed 275 miles, visited 10 places – 4 which were new to us – before returning to Bodo.  This week we are working on writing our programme for 2014 which will be pubished soon so you too can experience the wonders of sailing in Northern Norway.  Watch this space..