Happy New Year from a blustery Lanzarote


Wow.  What a windy time we have had over Christmas and New Year.  Nevertheless Santa found us and we enjoyed a night at anchor with a ‘Pirate Ship’ for a neighbour


The weather started to turn during Christmas week.  We started with 3 great sailing days, and spent the third night at anchor with Eye of the wind for Neighbours.  But, on the fourth morning,(christmas eve) we were woken up with the waves starting to build around us.  We managed a couple hours sailing in the shelter of the strait before heading back into Marina Rubicon.  On Christmas day the wind shifted to the south east and howled, and it didn’t get any better on Boxing day.   Luckily we were based in Marina Rubicon, where there is lots to do, and our guests spent their time, swimming, walking, sunbathing and just chilling.  We enjoyed a full turkey dinner on Christmas day – and walked it off on Boxing day.

We had a family of 4 on board as well as a group of 2, and despite the weather, we were pleased to receive the following comments in an e mail

We all had a super time on Velvet Lady and I’d especially like to thank you for your expertise, patience and enthusiasm. You made me feel so much more relaxed about sailing and you both inspired a confidence I hadn’t felt before. Thank you so much.

Statistically, the wind blows from the north or east in Lanzarote and hardly ever from the south east, but this week the statistics have failed us.  The wind stayed in the south east for the first 5 days of our New Year trip, with the waves breaking over the breakwater on 2 of the days and we only managed to get out sailing on the last day.  The wind eased and backed, the waves died down and the sun shone. It was sheer bliss and all smiles to get out on the water.


Our guests have left now, and I’ve been studying the forecast as it is once again blowing from the south east.  Its forecast to continue for the next 5 days!  Our next trip is not until 22 January so fingers crossed it has given up by then.

All of the itineraries for our trips stress that sailing is subject to weather conditions.  When the wind is too strong or the waves are too big we just cannot go, it’s a bit like going on a skiing holiday with no snow.  You have to find something else to do to entertain yourselves.  If we know there is bad weather coming, we try and make sure we are tied up somewhere there are other things to do, but this might not always be the case and it is possible that we could find ourselves stuck at anchor  in bad weather.


You could become very good at scrabble!