Wild and windy in north Atlantic

Very deep low pressures have been zooming across the Atlantic this spring causing high winds and big seas.  Last week we gave up trying to sail from Madeira to the Azores when we realised that we would be facing Gale force winds and 12 metre seas.  we decided to divert to Cascais marina just outside Lisbon instead.  This put a smile on everyones faces.  Alfredo thanked us as he had not wanted to end the trip ‘hating the ocean’, it is a holiday after all!  We still saw lots of big waves but none of them had white breaking crests. We were totally reminded never to underestimate the power of the ocean.

Our guests managed to change their flights and fly home and today our new guests are joining us here in Lisbon to sail back to the UK.  Looking at the weather maps that is just as well as yet again the Azores are going to be at the centre of another deep depression with strong winds and big waves.

We are due back in Plymouth in 2 weeks time which gives us plenty of time to sit out any bad weather and choose a weather window  for a really nice sail.  Lets hope the sun shines too so that we can get the sextant out.