Adventure sailing week in Lanzarote.

‘An absolutely wonderful week.  We could ask no more from the boat, skipper or first mate.

Without doubt will join you again in the not too distant future’

The guest list for this last week read

Mike C, Mike R, Mike B, Mary and Ian.  Maybe one or more of the Mikes had nicknames or if not we would have to think of some.  Sitting around the table on the first night, we all drew a blank, except for the fact they were all wearing different coloured t shirts. But after 24 hours we had plenty to chose from

Mike 1 was: Fast Mike, Speedy Mike or Navigator Mike
Mike 2 became: Green Mike, Gambler Mike, Matchstick Mike or just Matchstick for short and so
Mike 3 became Mike Mike.  From then on it was easy.

The weather forecast was looking pretty unsettled and we decided not to head off around Fuerteventura as it would be a very hard beat to get back.  We sailed 193 miles  making best use of the wind by heading north first.  On the first afternoon Mike 1 became Speedy Mike after doing 8.5 knots in a rain squall – The heavens opened and he and I were the only 2 left on the deck!  After nights in Puerto Calero and Arrieta Bay we headed out around Rock del Este and Montana Clara to Graciosa.  After a morning ashore we set off in the late afternoon for a fabulous night sail back to Papagayo.  While we were at anchor in Arrietta Mike 2 asked if anyone new how to play poker so he could learn and so we ended up playing poker for matches.  Mike did seem to know what he was doing and ended up winning most of the matchsticks!

After 3 nights of poker, we also played the ‘charade game’ that Richard and I had learnt when skiing, describing famous people with words, then one word and then actions only – it was Mikes versus the rest with Ian as timekeeper and adjudicator.  Mary was the star at this game, earning the most points and leading her team (Richard and I) to victory.  We did plenty of laughing and a little bit of drinking!

The dolphins didn’t disappoint us, and came to play with us, leaping out of the water and on our last day we saw a really giant turtle but I think I scared him by shouting too excitedly and he rapidly disappeared.

Getting ready to go to Madeira now with quite a tight turn round.  Our 25% discount on the Lanzarote to Madeira passage worked really well, with all the places filling in 2 days.  We would prefer to be full from Madeira to the Azores as well, so we have now reduced the last place by 25% to £787.50 for 10 days, an absolute bargain. If you want to come, simply book on line.

Happy Sailing