Challenging Sailing and peaceful anchorages – you can have both in the Spanish Rias

Where would you like to go for your sailing holiday and what do you want out of it?

A question that is sometimes hard to answer, because you haven’t really thought further than wanting great sailing, a nice relaxing time, nice weather!

It is often easier to answer with what you don’t want – crowded anchorages, mad dash at 3pm to get a marina berth, hot and sticky weather, no wind until late afternoon, limited choice of places to go…  Where then might you fancy – Why not Galicia

On the northwest corner of Spain is Galicia, home to the region known as The Spanish Rias.  Starting from Baiona in the southwest to Ribeira in the north east, the 160 miles of coastline is home to a fantastic and spectacular cruising ground.  

These Rias are easier to imagine if you think of Scottish Loughs or Norwegian Fjords, deep, wide inlets that stretch far inshore providing long stretches of sheltered water.  Once inside each Ria, natural bays with golden sandy beaches provide sheltered anchorages, and as fishing is a way of life here there are many colourful fishing ports to visit too.

You could spend days sailing in one Ria visiting quaint little places and eating tapas ashore or you can enjoy more challenging sailing by moving from Ria to Ria – let the weather forecast help you decide!

Never forget, once out of the shelter of the Rias this is the Atlantic Ocean. The coastline is wild and rugged, and that same headland which gives shelter to the Ria can often be a challenge to round. This can be proper sailing in oilies and boots, but ever so rewarding.

Don’t expect to be sailing between fancy marinas full of shore facilities, do expect peaceful anchorages and friendly locals, not too many tourists here so you may also have to practice your Spanish.

The temperatures in Galicia are in the mid twenties in summer – pleasantly warm without being hot and sticky and the wind generally a pleasant force 4 sailing breeze.  June, July and August this year you can join a Skippered Charter on board Velvet Lady and visit these fabulous Rias.

We will be doing ​​​3 one way trips, giving you the chance to experience the Rias in the north and the south and also to round Cap Finisterre. See our schedule for full details