Glistening in the sunshine


At the end of Sunday  Rich and I were exhausted.  After cleaning, Y10 to remove the rust stains, acetone to remove the Y10, filler in all the scuffs, new paint, a rubbing compound and finally polish Velvet Lady at last stood glistening in the late afternoon sun ready to go splash on Monday morning.

There was a big surge running on Monday morning, and it almost looked like we would have to put the launch off.  The boat before us surged into the harbour wall while the travel hoist was adjusting the straps and we were worried about doing the same.  Luckily it died down a bit for our lift, and with help from all the great people in the boatyard we were in the water and out of the lifting bay before we had time to blink.

Once back on the berth the work was not over.  10 days on the hard meant we hadn’t been able to wash down the decks, and as you wash down the decks, the dirty water runs over the nice new polish!!  Once again out with the hose, polish cloths etc and finally, after a lot of water Velvet Lady lies ready alongside the pontoon. 

Ever since we bought her our aim has always been not only to keep on top of the maintenance but to constantly improve.  We think she looks better now than when we launched her after our big winter refit 2006/7, mainly because then we ran out of time before we could thoroughly polish her. 

Today the sun is shining and although it is a little bit windy the weather forecast looks great for our Xmas week.  The tree is up, along with a few decorations, we wrapped our Xmas presents last night and the Xmas CD is playing softly in the background, so we are now feeling really christmassy. 

Merry Xmas to you all from Lin, Rich and Velvet Lady