Go the extra mile!

Lin and Lynda relaxing in Morro Jable

At 3 o’ clock on Saturday afternoon, we headed for Papagayo beach and a last swim before the end of the trip. There were 283 miles showing on our trip log as we had spent the previous week sailing around Fuerteventura.  A real fast blast down the east coast and a very long beat back up the west coast.  There were still plenty of white horses around and although it would be great for sunbathing, we were unsure about swimming.  The alternative, for a bit of fun, keep sailing for another 17 miles to crack the 300.  With all in favour of another good blast we headed back out to sea for a final time.  Lynda – new to sailing this week and quickly picking up on navigation  – worked out how far we had to go before we turned around – she was spot on, we clocked 300 miles 1.5 miles away from the marina entrance.

After a short first day sail in the strait, our second days sailing had been a fast broad reach down the east coast of Fuerteventura.  We were surprised to see a fleet of 15 yachts leaving Marina Rubicon just before we weighed anchor off Papagayo, and we were rather disappointed to realise that they were all heading for the same place as us!  As we entered Gran Tarajal, which has changed dramatically since the last time we were there, we discovered that due to the regatta ‘there was no room at the inn’.  Not particularly disappointed, we headed off to anchor off the beach at Tarralejo, 5 miles further west.

A fast beam reach took us from Tarralejo to Morro Jable – and again all were in favour of anchoring off the pretty town instead of heading into the port.  Here there was plenty of time for a swim, and although I eventually chickened out, Kate enjoyed herself swimming 12 laps of the boat.

As it went dark Lynda asked if I knew how to spot the International Space Station – well of course not, so a quick text to ‘he who was left behind at home’ provided us with the answer – we should see the station at 19.30 for a whole 1 and a half minutes.  We dashed outside but the glow from the land and the large mountain in the way made it impossible to spot.  We continued getting updates of when and where to look and after 3 sessions (and lots of false alarms with aeroplanes) decided that we were out of luck.

The following night we were at sea the whole night and continued to look for the space station but no joy.  It was a very long beat along the coast from Morro Jable to Puerto Calero Marina (167 miles sailed in 28 hours) but with plenty to look at and two visits from dolphins the time passed quickly.

We arrived in the marina at lunch time and spent the afternoon at a leisurely pace enjoying the sunshine and watching the world go by.  All too soon it was Saturday and time to return to Marina Rubicon –  should have been just a short hop, but instead we went out of our way to make the 300 miles!

Thank you for a wonderful sailing adventure and literally going that ‘extra mile’ for us – I can’t wait to return to Velvet Lady

Loads of great sailing, not one but two sorts of dolphins and trifle for breakfast – what more could I ask for.  I’m going to have to book for another trip.  Thanks for a wonderful holiday.

Our next and last adventure trip is now full, but if you fancy sailing some more miles with us there is still space from Lanzarote to Madeira – why not take a look.