Happy 2015

sunset on rias trip

We have spent the last 8 winters operating out of Marina Rubicon but have never spent a New Years Eve here. This year we chose to change this and have our New Year Party in Marina Rubicon. It was great – as the Spanish do we stayed on board and had a rather grand meal. We then played party games until midnight. Celebrated the New Year with Cava and Sparklers, watched loads of fireworks up and down the coast and then the guests headed to the local bars to join the parties that started at 00.15

The aim of this week, and in fact all of our weeks in Lanzarote, was to circumnavigate Lanzarote and visit La Graciosa. This aim of course is weather dependent. We had a great sail on New Years day, heading north to Puerto Calero. We had another great sail on the 2nd from Puerto Calero to the new marina in Arrecife – but then the wind defeated us – the yellow sand and strong SE wind was back. Instead of sailing we spent a day in Arrecife and took the opportunity to do some sightseeing. There are some unusual features here on Lanzarote – when have you ever had chance to see a house built in Lava bubbles!

house in lava bubble comp

After days of windward sailing heading north we surfed downwind back to the anchorage at Playa Papagayo – gybing into the sunset. For our last day we sailed across to Fuerteventura, around the island of Lobos and back to Marina Rubicon. This was a great way to experience and practice sailing on all points of sail – close reach, beam reach, broad reach – gybing in a narrow channel to avoid other boats and shallows, broad reach, beam reach, close reach and finally tacking to get back. We do not aim to run courses but often have plenty of time to explain individual items on the RYA syllabus in more detail. We had a recently qualified day skipper this week who was very keen to ask questions and get more practice. We had masterclasses in sail trim, points of sail, how to tack and gybe, weather, collision regulations and more. Always happy to help.

We will be sailing in the sunshine here in Lanzarote until the middle of March but there are only 6 spaces left. 2 on the trip 1 – 8 March and 4 on the trip 12 – 19 March.   Below is the forecast for January, by March the days will be longer and the weather even warmer.  Why not join us for some sailing in the sunshine.

sunny lanzarote