Life at the top of a Ladder!


Climbing stairs is something we don’t often do on Velvet Lady.  There are four steps from the main cabin to the deck, and an additional one step down to the galley.  This week living on board in the boatyard, deck level is 5m above the ground and reached by climbing a rickety ladder. 

We lifted Velvet Lady out of the water in Lanzarote to work on the bits below the waterline that we can’t often get to and polish the topsides.  The boatyard in Marina Rubicon is great because you can live onboard and also do all your own work on the boat.  Out of the water we can’t use the boats loos or showers – so there is a shower block, we also can’t use the boats sink for washing up or cleaning, so each time we need to do any of those things it’s down and up the ladder.  On top of that, all of the work on the hull is done from a scaffold so it’s up and down that too.  I asked Richard how many metres he climbs a day and he gave up trying to work it out!


Richard’s brother Dan sailed with us from Madeira to Lanzarote, and then stayed for a week to help us out in the boatyard.  The three of us have been scrubbing, sanding, filling and painting all week.  We have also serviced and greased all the seacocks, the propeller, replaced the anodes and added two coats of antifouling.  Velvet Lady is starting to look like a new woman but unfortunately Dan had to fly back yesterday before we got to the polishing stage and a little early to see the finished look!  Thanks Dan for all your hard work.  See more photos of us working here

It’s been a week now and we can really see the difference as we are nearly finished.  A bit more polishing and then a lot of cleaning and tidying up.  The clothes we have been wearing are only fit for the bin now and I have numerous streaks of different coloured paint in my hair and on my arms and legs. I am often asked what I miss most about living on board a boat and the answer is usually ‘a hot bath’.  How I could do with one of those now!

We’re due to ‘splash’ Velvet Lady back in the water on Monday and then get ready for a busy time over Christmas (1 space left) and New Year (now fully booked).