Loch Ness

We were planning on first lock down this morning from Fort Augustus but Lord of the Glen beat us to it. Not much room for both of us. We both needed to negotiate a 5 lock staircase and by the time Lord of the Glen was in the third lock they opened the top lock for us. An hour later we were off into Loch Ness and on our search for Nessie

About half way along the Loch are the ruins of Urquhart Castle, dating back to 1200’s. We had planned to anchor here and go ashore but the wind direction changed our minds, so after a quick spin around the bay we were off to take a look around Dores Bay to see if it would be any better.

Urquhart Castle

Dores Bay turned out to be well sheltered and so we now have the hook down ready for a quiet night on Loch Ness – but we still have our eyes peeled for the monster.

Dores Bay – beautiful and calm this evening

Tomorrow we are off for the last stretch to Inverness and then hope to pop out into the Moray Firth just before the locks close for the day.