Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019 – fair winds and safe sailing wherever you go

Our Christmas trip this year started a little differently to most years due to a drone at Gatwick airport.  All flights were cancelled, including British Airways to Lanzarote by which our guests were arriving – a family of 4.  With all the chaos the drone caused our guests were only able to arrive on the 22nd (not the 20th as planned)  Unfortunately as they arrived so did the gales so we spent the 23rd and 24th tucked up in the harbour and moved Christmas dinner to Christmas Eve.

Despite these hiccups we still managed 150nm, a circumnavigation of Lanzarote, a day ashore in Graciosa, a trip around Los Lobos and sailing on Christmas day after the presents had been opened.  Everyone went away happy on the 30th.

Now it is New Years eve and we are looking forward to many new adventures in 2019.  Resolutions – visit more new places – we’ve laid the groundwork by changing our programme and we are looking forward to a summer of discovering and exploring new harbours.  I’m particularly looking forward to the Caledonian Canal and the famous Sognefjord.  Hope to see you on board