Norway Cruising Ground and Maps

Our cruising area in Norway is vast – take a look at these two interactive maps to give you an idea of the scale and the choice of places to go.  Whatever the weather we will find sheltered cruising grounds and fantastic harbours/anchorages.

You can zoom in or out on both maps.

The first Map – a google map – Bergen and Floro are in blue.  It gives a guide to a selection of places we could go on a 10 day trip with anchor signs. We aim to spend a day in Balestrand to explore – the circles are places further into the fjord that we could go to by bus or ferry on our shore day.

This second map is a Norwegian Navigation chart.  You will have to accept cookies in Norwegian to view it.  This shows in far more detail the many different options there are for harbours and anchorages. Click on the icons for harbour descriptions. Blue number 1 is to highlight our  base at Bergen.

If you want to see the map larger click on Vis pa Gule Sider – which will take you to the main website (in Norwegian) and allow you to change the view from satellite picture to land map to nautical chart (sjokart)


A change of plan

Our trips are always subject to weather. This week it was too windy to land on the beach on our Graciosa day so instead we went for a sail to circumnavigate Graciosa and the other islands.

This was followed by a really calm day so we got to land in Graciosa anyway and then sail down the west coast on our last day. 138 miles later we were back in Rubicon and out for Tapas before our guests headed back to UK.

Glorious Graciosa

Approaching Graciosa at sunset.

I love it when a plan comes together! For a while at the beginning of the week it looked like the weather might scupper our plans for a day ashore in Graciosa, but the forecast 25 knots of wind and 2 metre swell did not materialise.

A perfect day between 2 long sails was how our day in Graciosa was described by our guests – 51 miles by the log to get there from Arrecife – a beat to windward as always, and 42 miles downwind back to Papagayo.

135 miles in total and we circumnavigated both Lanzarote and the tiny island of Lobos

Want to try it yourself – just a few places left for the winter – 2 places from 14th – 21st February and 1 place from 24th February to 3rd March. See our programme here

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019 – fair winds and safe sailing wherever you go

Our Christmas trip this year started a little differently to most years due to a drone at Gatwick airport.  All flights were cancelled, including British Airways to Lanzarote by which our guests were arriving – a family of 4.  With all the chaos the drone caused our guests were only able to arrive on the 22nd (not the 20th as planned)  Unfortunately as they arrived so did the gales so we spent the 23rd and 24th tucked up in the harbour and moved Christmas dinner to Christmas Eve.

Despite these hiccups we still managed 150nm, a circumnavigation of Lanzarote, a day ashore in Graciosa, a trip around Los Lobos and sailing on Christmas day after the presents had been opened.  Everyone went away happy on the 30th.

Now it is New Years eve and we are looking forward to many new adventures in 2019.  Resolutions – visit more new places – we’ve laid the groundwork by changing our programme and we are looking forward to a summer of discovering and exploring new harbours.  I’m particularly looking forward to the Caledonian Canal and the famous Sognefjord.  Hope to see you on board

Sailing in the Sunshine – Circumnavigate Lanzarote and visit La Graciosa

We’re here in Lanzarote now for the winter and have just completed our first trip to Circumnavigate Lanzarote and visit La Graciosa.  138 miles later ‘we did it’

We had great sailing from Rubicon to Calero (5 hours) and Calero to Arrecife, (4 hours) but the next day when we should have sailed to Graciosa the forecast was for South East winds overnight which makes Graciosa at the very least uncomfortable and at the worst dangerous as it is a lee shore.  Not to be deterred from sailing we had a glorious reach south again from Arrecife (6 hours) and anchored in the shelter of Papagayo at sunset for cocktails in the cockpit – no one felt like swimming!

We lifted our anchor in Papagayo early as we set off to the west of Lanzarote and north to Graciosa, arriving again just before sunset for drinks in the cockpit. (7 hours).  We spent the morning ashore climbing the volcano, sunbathing and swimming – setting off south again at lunchtime this time down the east coast.  A second night in Arrecife (5 hours) broke the journey and we finished back in Marina Rubicon late afternoon for a last night ashore. (5 hours)

We had a great time and we were pleased to receive this message in an e mail to confirm that the guests had too

We want to thank you for making the week with you in Lanzarote so enjoyable and informative.

For the sailing part of the week we really appreciated the way you both patiently answered our questions. Your tips, skills and drills, direction and instruction allowed us to develop our sailing knowledge hands on. During the week our sailing novice confidence grew no end,delivered by yourselves in a really pleasant manner that has left us keen to go sailing more often. The social side of the week was really enjoyable, especially the drinks on deck, watching the sunsets followed by the fabulous meals you both served in the evenings. Midday snacks were really good too!

You spared no effort in making us welcome from the moment we stepped on board your lovely yacht until the time we left.

 All in all, everything was far better than we had anticipated and we wish you all the very best for the future.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

If that has whetted your appetite you can still join us in January, February and March for 7 nights.

The cost for 7 nights on board is £835 per person and we will not put the price up. (travel to the yacht is not included)
There is no single person supplement (you will be expected to share with a member of the same sex)
All of our cabins have bunk beds so you do not have to share a bed
This price is fully inclusive of all meals, unlimited tea, coffee and non fizzy soft drinks.
Wine will be served with dinner.
Unless you wish to go out to the pub, coffee shop or ice cream shop – once on board you do not need to spend another penny.
Lanzarote is very cheap with tax at 7%, so if you do spend money off the boat it will still be cheaper than in UK – even with the exchange rate dropping.
We will provide all safety equipment, waterproof clothing, bedding and towels – if you pack carefully you can travel hand luggage only.
We have seen lots of scary stories of what might happen after Brexit for travel and  holidays – but that is after 29 March – until then
There are flights available to Lanzarote airport from many UK airports (see below).   Prices are lower than usual -You can still get a return for under £100 even at half term.
Your UK passport will still work
Your UK driving licence will still work
Your UK Sim card will still work with no charge for roaming
You do not need a visa if you have a UK passport
Travel Insurance will not have gone up
It will not snow
There is no TV on board to be bombarded with doom and gloom!
No Experience required but be prepared for a bit of ‘camping on the water’

To check out what spaces we have left available visit the Schedule page of our website

What an Adventure

After sailing 710 miles from Vilamoura we are now tied up in our favourite berth in Marina Rubicon.  What an adventure!  No passage sail is complete without experiencing the full force of a cold front passing and this trip was no exception.  We watched the barometer fall, the clouds change, the wind increase and then even although we were expecting it the wind, rain and waves came.  Of course, it was pitch black at the time – but the crew and Velvet Lady seemed to love it!  No sooner had it come then it went – about 4 hours in all – the moon and stars came out and we were once again sailing in a gentle Force 4, this time downwind.

We arrived in Arrecife exactly 5 days after we left Portugal – tired but happy – with the adventure that was ‘even better than expected’.

See you guys on board again soon