Shetland to Norway

All smiles, under way again

The wind continued to rage through the next day in our anchorage and so we were in the Bay of Quendale for another night, learning new card games and listening for updates. The next forecast was for SE5 – 7 becoming 8, so we upped anchor and moved north to another anchorage in Gruting Voe.

After our third night at anchor the weather cleared and moderated to SE5 giving us a glorious sail around the west coast of Shetland before our haul across the north sea. Our passage to Norway was a classic beat – sail towards the new wind and wait for the shift, so we were hard on the wind on Starboard tack for the first half and then hard on the wind on port tack ! The wind gradually ‘freed’ us and we were reaching at 8 knots trying to catch up time. In the end we arrived in Bergen just before noon on Sunday – in time for some flights but not others – That’s weather for you!

Velvet lady in foreground nestled in between some much larger boats

Noon on Sunday – Bergen quay was at its busiest with lots of smaller motor boats rafted 6 deep for their weekend outing – so we had to find a space with the ‘big boats’. We are quite comfy here, but our neighbours move tomorrow so we will be moving space too.

Not too many jobs to do this week – usual cleaning, tidying, shopping and laundry – looking forward to our Sognefjord trips now and cruising amongst the islands – still some spaces see