What an Adventure

After sailing 710 miles from Vilamoura we are now tied up in our favourite berth in Marina Rubicon.  What an adventure!  No passage sail is complete without experiencing the full force of a cold front passing and this trip was no exception.  We watched the barometer fall, the clouds change, the wind increase and then even although we were expecting it the wind, rain and waves came.  Of course, it was pitch black at the time – but the crew and Velvet Lady seemed to love it!  No sooner had it come then it went – about 4 hours in all – the moon and stars came out and we were once again sailing in a gentle Force 4, this time downwind.

We arrived in Arrecife exactly 5 days after we left Portugal – tired but happy – with the adventure that was ‘even better than expected’.

See you guys on board again soon