Where are the Azores?

azores webApprox 9oo miles from Lisbon, 1800 miles from Newfoundland, 1200 miles from UK and 530 miles from Madeira.

 A fabulous sunrise welcomed us to the Azores – with 50 miles to go the sun appeared on the eastern horizon, we were sailing amongst fishing boats and were joined by whales and dolphins.  What a welcome.

760 miles on the log and 6 nights at sea – we were pleased to arrive.  As last week we started with winds from the north west and a beat – luckily we did not end up having to sail double the distance as we managed to play the wind shifts nicely.  Gerry and Pam had sailed with us on passages before, Terry and Sarah were new to it.  All of us found it difficult to move around the boat and sleep as we were constantly pounding the waves.  Nevertheless the watch system went smoothly and as we stuck to our usual 2 watch regime – 6 hours on and 6 hours off during the day, 4 hours during the night.  With our watches still on Madeira time it didnt go dark until just around 9 pm and the moon was out giving us a huge floodlight in the sky.  Venus was particularly bright every evening, and proved quite handy to steer by.

We come to the Azores mainly as a stopping off place to set us up for our passage to Plymouth.  North of the Azores we should get westerly winds whereas if we headed due north from Lanzarote we would most likely get northerly winds.  They are also a great place to visit just as a tourist  and today, Richard and I treated ourselves to a tour of the islands with some spectacular views.   If you plan on joining us here in the future its worth adding a day to your trip to do the same.  We’ve also discovered that Ryan Air are starting up direct flights from Stansted.

We’re ready for the long leg now, onwards to Plymouth – who wants to guess at which way the wind is forecast to blow?

We’ll let you know on the 4th May