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The spectacular fjords and remote Lofoten islands of northern Norway will again be our destination for the summer. Here the islands rise majestically from the sea to a height of 1000 metres, and white sandy beaches line the waters edge.  These stunning mountains are interspersed with many narrow fjords and home to isolated and serene anchorages.  Fishing is the industry here as this is the worlds richest cod ground, and  there are many picturesque small fishing villages to visit nestled at the bottom of the steep mountains. 

The adventure doesn’t stop there.  North of the Lofoten Islands is yet another but lesser known island group, Vesteralen.  The landscape in these islands is varied: From rugged terrain with craggy peaks to expansive, cultivated shoreline areas with relatively dense populations. This is the land of fjords and sounds, skerries, rivers and lakes, moors, valleys and stretches of flat plains. 

For the summer of 2018 we offering one way trips, all 10 nights.  The first starts in Bodo, visiting the Lofoten Islands and then ending in Stokmarknes in Vesteralen.  The second starts in Stokmarknes, visits the Lofoten Islands and ends in Bodo.  These proved very popular in 2016 & 17 so we are offering more of them in 2018

Why?  The Lofoten Islands are one of the most popular destinations on our schedule, because they are unspoilt, scenic, beautiful and there are not many opportunities to sail to them.  Apart from admiration, the feedback we have from guests is – We wish we could stay in these islands longer.  So, we have introduced the one way sails – this gives us 2 more nights in the islands.  Try it,  If you have sailed with us in Lofoten before, this new route give us the opportunity to take you to more new places.  Why not join us again.

To see more details of this route and the Lofoten Islands in general ZOOM in here

The flora and fauna in the area are unforgettable, and we hope to see sperm whales, minke whales, puffins and sea eagles in their natural habitat.  We should even have a chance of catching our own dinner!

Our main base will still be Bodo, 500 miles north of Oslo and just north of the Arctic Circle, and our cruising ground will be the islands and fjords of the Vestfjorden including the ‘sailors dream’ the Lofoten islands and Vesteralen.
As with all our destinations, this area of Norway still remains unspoilt and off the beaten tourist track.  Getting there is easy if not direct – fly from UK to Oslo on a variety of carriers, and then take an internal flight from Oslo to Bodo  ( ,  The airport in Bodo is a mere 20 mins walk from the marina, or 5 mins in a taxi. If you fancy extending your holiday, travel options to Bodo also include the train with spectacular views and the Hurtigruten coastal steamer.  Those of you choosing our one ways – changing in Stokmarknes will involve one more flight – 35minutes from Stokmarknes to Bodo on the local airline Wideroe.

The Lofoten islands are a chain of islands, 50 nautical miles off the coast of Norway here at the top of the map.  As this is quite a long way to sail on your first day we usually sail a short 20 mile day on the first day and a longer 40 mile day on the second day to get there.  This year we are offering a variety of 8, 10 and 11 night sailing holidays.  The 8 and 10 night sailing holiday we will visit the south side of the Lofoten Islands, the 11 night sailing holidays also give us the chance to visit the north side of the islands.  The Lofoten Islands are situated at approx 66 degrees north and at this time of year we will have 24 hour daylight.   There is plenty of intricate navigation here as we weave our way amongst the rocks but with no dark and not much tide to worry about our sailing days are not limited.

Where you go on your trip will be totally dependent on the weather.  We aim to keep you and the boat safe at all times.  In 2015 every trip was different.  We visited a total of 29 places over 5 trips, 10 of which were new to us and many from previous years did not fit in with the weather.  We know the area really well, and whatever the weather we guarantee that we will choose the best places to go to make your sailing holiday unique, memorable and enjoyable.  Each trip on our website has a sample itinerary page of what we did last year to give you a flavour of where we might go.

We are happy to take people of all levels from beginners to experienced sailors on any of our sailing holidays.  We do not offer courses, but are on hand to encourage you to put into practice what you already know and give you more experience.  We can also coach you in new skills.  Our trips in the Lofoten Islands are a good ‘next step’ for people newly qualified from Day Skipper courses or who want something similar to Flotilla sailing.  They are also an opportunity for Yachtmasters to broaden their experience, practice intricate navigation and learn more about sailing larger yachts.  The Lofoten Islands are a great place for beginners also.  Learn to sail in spectacular surroundings.

As well as our day sailing adventures in the Lofoten Islands there will be three milebuilding sails in Norway.  North to Norway (red route), Bodo to Kristiansund (yellow route) and Kristiansund to Plymouth (purple route)

For full details of each trip please look at the individual itineraries through the links below


Cruise the spectacular fjords of Norway, and visit the Lofoten Islands situated within the Arctic Circle - Read the blogs from Summer Seasons 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2015


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