Milebuilding Passage - Bergen, Norway to Stornoway


Fjord sailing and island hopping followed by ocean sailing and watchkeeping.  This trip is a great mix for a summer sailing holiday. 

Explore the fjords south of Bergen including Hardangerfjord, race across the Norwegian sea to the Shetland Islands – spend a night here before continuing towards the infamous Cape Wrath and on to the Outer Hebrides. This passage is ideal for milebuilding and experiencing more challenging sailing.  There are plenty of opportunities to practice navigation and work out tides.

We start from the picturesque town of Bergen and head south to the stunning Hardangerfjord with its steep mountains and spectacular waterfalls.  After a day exploring ashore here we head west to the offlying islands and anchor for the night.

It is 240 miles from here to Shetland, it often blows from the west so this may take 3 days and then a further 200 to Stornoway.  We allow plenty of time for this trip, so once we are around Cape Wrath we have the opportunity to make more stops before arriving at our final destination Stornoway.

 Weather dependent as always, but with sensible weather the options are unlimited.

However the route plans out you will gain miles for your log book and experience taking part in a watch system.  You will get to feel the wind in your hair and the power of the sea as you take the helm across the ocean. En route we are happy to teach the wonders of navigating by the stars, use of a sextant and how the GPS works!.

Our Sailing Holiday highlights include

  •  Sail along the spectacular Norwegian coastline
  • Sail across the Norwegian Sea
  • Sail around the infamous Cape Wrath
  • Visit the islands of the Hebrides
  • Using a sextant and getting an accurate position
  • Experience the beauty of sunrise and sunset at sea
  • Participate in a watch system
  • 1000 nm of varied sailing and passage making for your log book
There are direct flights to Bergen from some UK airports otherwise change in Oslo.  There are daily direct flights from Stornoway to Edinburgh and Glasgow as well as some to Manchester.
At a Glance

17th August to 29th August  2019

£1440  see What's Included

Embark / Disembark

Difficulty Level AAAA - click for more info  
day sailing, overnight sailing and up to 72 hours of watchkeeping
Previous sailing experience of at least 10 days is required for this trip.

See our notes on Ocean Passages

12 nights

The Route
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 This is a sample itinerary only –on ocean passages the weather dictates the programme

Day 1 – Arrive on board 1800.  Welcome reception, introductions and itinerary discussion. Dinner served on board at 2000.

Day 2 – Breakfast, safety briefing. Learn about the boat and where things are kept – short day sail south from Bergen, anchor for the night in the archipelago of islands NW of Stord.

Day 3 – After weaving a passage through the islands, head into the beautiful Hardangerfjord and anchor beside a waterfall

Days 4– Explore ashore in the morning – set off sailing in the afternoon, again weaving our way through the islands.  The watches will start as soon as we depart

Days 5 - Participate in the watchkeeping routine whilst we are at sea sailing towards Shetland

Day 6 – continue with the watchkeeping routine

Day 7 – continue with the watchkeeping routine and make landfall on the Shetland Islands, arrive in Scalloway – a gem of a harbour hidden just west of Sumburgh head.

Day 8 – Spend the day exploring ashore in Scalloway – theres a great pub here for a fish lunch.

Day 9 – Set off for the second long passage towards Cape Wrath and beyond.  Watches start again as soon as we leave.

Day 10 – Participate in the watchkeeping routine, make landfall and arrive in Kinlochbervie just as night falls.

Day 11 – After a stroll ashore and breakfast, set off towards our final anchorage in Loch Erisort, just south of Stornoway.

Day 12 – Enjoy a morning at anchor in the wilds of Loch Erisort before heading north into Stornoway

Day 13 – Breakfast, Depart 1000

This is an example itinerary for an ocean passage aboard Velvet Lady.  Velvet Lady is an Oyster 55 skippered yacht and all our passages are great for milebuilding and hands on sailing no matter what your experience.  All our sailing holidays are weather dependent and the exact itinerary will be decided by the skipper to suit the weather conditions. On all our trips it is possible to book an individual berth and become part of a group. To see our other opportunities for ocean passages and milebuilding  please see our schedule



  • Date: 17th to 29th August 2019
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