Heading south

pink sunset at glacier

How quickly the summer goes. Already it is the tail end of August and we are on our way south.  We have just completed a great trip sailing down the coast of Norway from Bodo to Kristiansund.  8 days of day sailing stopping amongst the islands and one night of offshore passage making – 408 miles in all.  We knew we were on our way south as we were treated to glorioius sunsets followed by twinkling lighthouses.  To us a bit of a novelty after 3 months of 24 hour daylight.

The wind was a bit light at times – so there was quite a bit of motoring to do – this gave us plenty of opportunity to explore some new intricate narrow channels.  Whilst we were weaving amongst the rocks we had our binoculars trained – eagle spotting.  They are very well camouflaged but with careful looking we managed to spot quite a few.

eagle flying

James had his go pro camera mounted on the stern and although he didnt catch any footage of eagles he was lucky enough to get  11 minutes footage of dolphins playing in our wake.

Watching the weather carefully for our next trip – 1100 miles Norway to Plymouth.  After an introductory say sail our first leg will be 450 miles from Norway to Cape Wrath and then weather permitting some time in the Scottiish Islands and Ireland before arriving ‘home’ in Plymouth.

We will be returning to the Lofoten Islands for the summer of 2015 – with more trips similar to those written about in this years blog.  For now though we look forward to some more passages and our winter of real deal sailing holidays in Lanzarote.  Take a look at our schedule and think about joining us!


Surrounded by Killer Whales

whale spyhopping comp for websiteWe have just completed our last trip in the Lofoten Islands – and as always have had a fantastic time.  The highlight of the trip for us was being surrounded by 5 killer whales, they stayed around to be photographed for over an hour.  We have been a little light on whale sightings this year, but boy did this make up for it.  It seemed that there was 1 adult male, 2 adult females and 2 calves.  Trying not to get too close and scare them we followed at a respectable distance – cameras at the ready, and were rewarded with many sightings and one whale even ‘spyhopping’ to get a closer look at us.

2 killer whales

We had plenty of sunshine and good weather – and this week our guests were a family of keen swimmers.  Armed with wetsuits they went swimming most days usually swimming 300 metres or so to the beach and then back again.  There was always plenty of hot water for their return and hot chocolate with marshmallows was the ‘drink of the week’

Southwards next week, the start of our passage sails, as we progress towards UK and then from October  further south to the Canaries.  Bookings are steadily coming in for next spring so if you are interested in joining us why not take a quick look at our schedule.




Where in the world are we?

swimmers trollfjord

For those of you who are not following our schedule it may be hard looking at these photos to convince yourself that we are actually north of the Arctic Circle.  We have just completed another 11 day sailing holiday in the Lofoten Islands and the weather was unbelievably fabulous.  Words cannot do it justice so take a look at the photos.

vl anchored landegode steve and chirs swiming vl anchored sandvikasteves fish

The fish were biting well – we caught enough cod to bake one each for dinner, as well as plentyof mackerel for pate.  When not sailing, fishing or swimming we also found time for a few board games.  Backgammon and Scrabble you may have heard of, but battleships in Plymouth Sound.  Ellie and Gilly devised this fantastic game and brought it along with them for us all to play – what a fun night

action stations firing party poppers in plymouth sond

2 teams, first build your own battleships from plasticine, toothpicks and paper.  Roll the dice and move them until they are within 2 squares of each other and then ‘open fire with a party popper’, without knocking the wine glass over!  Much fun was had by all.  The game ended when one team had no battleships left – just before we ran out of party poppers.

A most memorable trip and summed up I think in a thank you e mail that arrived yesterday

Many thanks for a wonderful trip last week. We have totally fell in love with the area and your boat. We learned a lot too. Just small, simple details on boat and crew management and the way you handle berthing and anchoring. We also enjoyed the company of your other guests.  Thanks again for a wonderful trip. It has re-lit my enthusiasm  for more sailing !!
It is hard to believe that we are just about to start our last trip in the Lofoten Islands – time has certainly flown for us this summer.  From the middle of August onwards we up the pace and instead of all this leisurely day sailing we start out on our passage making and coastal cruising.  We are full until October, but if you fancy trying your hand in the open ocean why not join us for our Bay of Biscay Adventure that still has places available or our trip from Vigo to Madeira.  Full details of these and other trip with vacancies on our schedule.