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If you are having problems logging in and get a blank page we apologise. There is a glitch which is being sorted whilst we are away at sea. If you wish to make a booking, the easiest work around is to create a new account with a different e mail address and make your booking immediately without logging off. If you wish us to contact you via your original e mail address you can write this in the comments box. Thanks for your patience.
We are off to sea now and will not be able to answer e mails or help with bookings until 1st MAY. But as soon as we arrive in UK we will answer all e mail and phone messages.

Cheers, welcome to the Azores

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After 520 miles on the same tack and whilst making great progress on our passage from Madeira, we were busy working out whose was the first round in the bar when the wind shifted.  It took another 24 hours to cover the last 60 miles as we tacked backwards and forwards in 35 – 40 knots of wind!  Disappointing to miss the pub but it was by far the most exciting sailing of the trip. We eventually arrived at 0900 and celebrated with wine and beer in the cockpit.  There was no-one around to take a group photo for us, so I had to do a little cutting and pasting to get our group together!

722 miles sailed in total as we had done a little tour of Madeira first.

Lucy realised that you should never underestimate the power of water as she was washed off her seat onto her knees in the cockpit.  All clipped on and no injuries, just a timely reminder of the care you have to take on an ocean crossing.

power of water

Getting ready for the big one now, Azores to Plymouth next week – we will be out of touch for a while but will answer all e mails as soon as we arrive in Plymouth