All secure in the Azores

We had a great trip from Madeira to the Azores – downwind all the way with big waves due to a storm further west.  This gave our guests plenty of opportunity to practice their helming and surf downwind.  Unfortunately the size of the waves prevented us from visiting Santa Maria and so we arrived in Ponta Delgada a little earlier than planned, but before the torrential rain!

We saw loads of dolphins along the way and also a selection of turtles of different sizes.  Ugo, our Italian guest was mesmerised by the phosphorescence but unfortunately despite a lot of trying we did not successfully manage to photograph it.

All geared up now for our trip to the UK.  The guests are arriving on Saturday but before then Richard and I have a few jobs to do, including putting the final touches to the Autumn programme.  It will go live on line on Thursday.

We can already taste the English beer and sausages, and are looking forward to being ‘home’ for a while