Heading South – Bodo to Kristiansund

With 330 miles to go between Bodo and Kristiansund the weather forecast was not kind to us – there was likely to be a southerly gale on day 3 so we needed somewhere secure to ‘hole up’!

Our first day sail took us to Inndyr, and then on to Ornes with stunning scenery and snow still on the mountains.  Then in  Ornes we sat tight for 24 hours as the barometer fell, the wind howled and the rain came down in sheets!

Ready to dodge the next gale we set out on a long passage to Berg, which we made even longer when we realised the next gale was ‘delayed for 12 hours’ and anchored just north of Rorvik.

The wind had eased to a 6 and shifted more westerly as we set off south from Rorvik, but there was a nasty – new wind old sea sea state – so after 12 hours having tacked south to clear the rocks of Bulholmrasa we entered into the inshore passage again for a bit of a rest.  Stunning Scenery, narrow fjords, lots of traffic and thankfully flat sea allowed us to make a lot more progress south than if we had stayed offshore.  The south west wind continued and so it was a beat all the way to the finish – when the sun came out and the wind died!

Thanks folks for a great trip


Farewell Lofoten

We’ve just finished our last trip of the 2018 season in the Lofoten Islands and in fact, probably our last trip there at all. Next year we will be based in Bergen and sailing in the Fjords further south.  This was our 9th summer here and in that time we have visited over 60 different harbours.  Even last week there was time for one last new harbour – Brettesnes, although there was no room on the pontoon for us so it was rather a short stay.

Yet another Minke whale joined us on our journey last week as well as many eagles and porpoises.  We have very fond memories of all of our trips here – surrounded by stunning scenery and often in beautiful weather.  We have had 24 hours daylight until this week, and now it gets dark for about 1 hour.  We’ll certainly miss the light.

That said we are really looking forward to exploring Sognefjord and surrounding islands – even further off the beaten track than Lofoten!  Think about joining us next year.  Getting there is not easy and may require more than a day travel, but the rewards will be worth it.  Look forward to seeing you on board.

A reminder of our times in  Arctic Norway and the Lofoten Islands