Spanish Delights

Whilst Hurricane Sandy was causing devastation in the US, and Britain prepared for its coldest November on record, those of us on board Velvet Lady were basking in the sunshine in the Spanish Rias.  It is not surprising that at this time of year we head south towards the tropics for the warmer weather and winter sunshine.

We had a fabulous week sailing in the Spanish Rias, sailing 128nm and as well as revisiting some favourite haunts, we included two more new places on our itinerary.  The best thing this week was that we had dolphins with us every day.  It was hard to put down the camera.

We include all the food on board on our trips, and like to try and eat some local specialities as well as good old English Nosh.  Here in Spain, Tapas is a favourite and so we had a Tapas night this week.  Along with a selection of Spanish meats, cheeses and Canary Potatoes I decided to add a Galician speciality, Pimiento Padron so bought a big bag in the supermarket.

First of all I had to learn to cook them, so with the guests ashore in the dinghy I practised with a few.  Very simple, throw them in to the hot oil and wait until they go soft and turn blackish, then add some salt.  They turned out to be very popular so I will have to try them again if I can find them further south.

We head south for Lisbon next week and then on to Lanzarote for December.

We have just reduced the cost of our Christmas week to £670 per person, all included except for flights.

Why not join us there for sun, sailing and some local specialities!