Azores to Plymouth

We’ve arrived in Plymouth – just in time to find out that there is going to be an election.  Well it will not effect our plans for the summer and we hope it will not effect yours!  Just in case we are offering a 20% discount on all remaining sailing holidays in the Lofoten Islands this summer.  For further info see our newsletter 

1600 miles we sailed to get from Ponta Delgada to Plymouth in 12 days and 1 hours including a pit stop for diesel in the Spanish Rias at Camarinas marina.

The prevailing wind should have been westerly, but not this year, the wind was in the east or the north the whole trip and often very light, so to windward we went along with 5 days of motoring.  We had very little rain and some stunning cloud formations.

Despite that, there were not many opportunities to use the sextant – every time the sun was out our 2 ocean candidates were on deck with their sextants and achieved some very reasonable results.

We had a really enjoyable trip with lots of laughs along the way – and only 1 gale

Join us this summer for some more great sailing