Dolphins join us in the Spanish Rias

We are still based in Vigo  and have been lucky enough to obtain a berth at the Marina alongside the 100 year old Real Club Nautico.  Velvet Lady is moored alongside the main office and from the ‘rooftop’ we can look down on her!  Whilst we are moored here we are allowed to use the facilities of the yacht club which also includes the pool and  a sauna. We just have to remember that Spanish regulations require the use of a swimming cap in the pool!

Our guests arrived on Saturday for a weeks sailing in the Rias and apart from an unpredicted day of fog we were fortunate with the weather. After visiting Bayona for a look around the fort, anchoring  off the Islas Cies and swimming at ‘the most beautiful beach in the world’ we set off to sail to the Ria de Arousa, which proved to be the highlight of the week.  After motoring much of the day, the breeze picked up as we entered the Ria, 16 tacks later we had sailed through the narrows avoiding rocks and mussel beds and been chased by the customs boat who had difficulty in keeping up with us.

As we approached the marina in Pobra, we were suddenly surrounded by a pod of large dolphins, at least 20 of them, and we spent 20 minutes just drifting and letting them swim right up to the boat.  A fantastic sight.  As we tied up in the marina the customs boat came in behind us, just on a routine check.

We gybed out of the Ria the following day and headed south to  Sanxenxo in the Ria de Pontevedra where we sat in the yacht club bar to watch the sun set before sailing back to Vigo on our last day.  As usual, all too soon the week was over and it was time for flights home.

The sun continued to shine on Saturday, but Sunday brought a break in the weather and a typical ‘british gale’  We were glad it was our ‘day off’ and were happy to be inside listening to the rain outside!