Kiel Canal

The Kiel Canal was mad busy.  I have never been so close to so many ships, wow!  Photo doesn’t do it justice.

After passing through Kiel we sailed to Cuxhaven and then to Helgoland, a small duty free island which is to Germany as the Channel Islands are to UK.  Here we filled up on some lethal strength gin to sustain us during our refit!!

After Helgoland we had a great sail tacking between the shipping lanes and the sandbanks to Ijmuiden.  After a day rest and a trip to Amsterdam we finally headed ‘home to blighty’ across the North Sea.  The weather was kind to us and we cunningly arrived just at high water to squeeze ourselves into Suffolk Yacht Harbour

No rest for us over Bank Holiday weekend as we prepared Velvet Lady for lifting first thing on Tuesday morning.  Richard and I have moved off into a flat 10 minutes walk up the road and cleared all of the stuff from the aft cabin and galley to the forward cabins to give the guys room to move.

French Marine are looking after our refit and very efficient they are too.  They were on board swiftly on Tuesday and  by Wednesday morning Engine and Generator were out of the boat

They look rather different on the ground, the Engine is the Blue one and the Generator the Red one.  Now there is lots of work to do to clean and paint the Engine room and bilges before fitting the new one next week but everything is on schedule to be back up and running for Bay of Biscay in October.

As well as working on Velvet Lady we are working on our Spring and Summer 2013 programme and expect it to be on line by the end of next weekend to coincide with our newsletter.

See you aboard