Merry Christmas

Those of you expecting to see us in sailing trousers and fleeces may not recognise us as the two very smart people in the photo above!

This year for Christmas, instead of sailing around Lanzarote we flew home to UK for Richard’s brother Daniel’s wedding which was on Christmas Eve.

When we wrote our winter schedule, we fully intended to offer a sailing holiday around Lanzarote for Christmas and one for New Year as we have done the previous 4 years.  When Daniel announced his intended wedding date, we decided that it would be nice to spend Christmas with family for a change, and as we had no one booked on for the Christmas or New Year trip yet we  would not be letting anyone down by not running them.

Cancelled is a word we don’t like to see, especially on our web site as our policy is always to run trips no matter how many people book , so we looked for an alternative solution.  We opted for calling the trips Fully Booked, which meant no one could book and also let us continue to let people know that we offer sailing at Chrismas and New Year.  We will be back in Lanzarote in the sunshine for Christmas 2012, and you will be able to sail with us.  We apologise to anyone who had their hopes up for last minute places this year and hope you might still want to come next year.

The wedding was beautiful on Christmas Eve in a hotel in Bedford, and the whole family stayed overnight to be together for Xmas Dinner the following day.  On Velvet Lady the thing we miss at Christmas time is the excitement and expectation of young children, but this year we made up for it, between us Richard and I have 14 nieces and nephews!  Santa left loads of presents under the tree for everyone.

With Christmas over now, we are enjoying a little quiet before heading up to Scotland to see my Mum and Dad, and then the big gap in the sailing programme in January is so that Richard and I can go skiing again.  This year it is Bardoneccia in Italy, and we enjoyed our experience in a chalet so much last year in Selva we are going in a chalet again.

We’ll be back in Lanzarote on 15th January, and after a week or so to do some little jobs on Velvet Lady we will be sailing again. If you fancy joining us check out the schedule on our website


Lin and Richard