New Years sailing in Lanzarote

We would like to wish a Happy New Year to all

What a great way to start the year.  Whilst sailing around Lanzarote we had sightings of sperm whales and dolphins on the last day of our New Year week.  It really rounded off a fantastic trip.

The weather was extremely kind to us and we had fantastic sailing wind and sunshine all week.  After 2 short day sails and plenty of swimming we spent the evening of New Years Eve in Puerto Calero marina.  We spent the evening eating, drinking and after Richard reloaded the CD player, playing ‘Name the Tune and the Artist’

We heard the bells from Madrid broadcast by one of the local restaurants, and brought in the New Year with champagne on the deck watching the many firework displays along the coast.

We made our way slowly up to La Graciosa, and as planned spent a whole day on this lovely island.  The swell from last week had totally disappeared, and so Richard didn’t get as wet as last week.  This was the hottest day of the week and with blue sky and sunshine the guests enjoyed walking up the volcano and then lunch in the local village before returning for a BBQ on board.

Evenings this week were spent playing ‘team scrabble’ it is amazing what a different game it is with 2 people contributing to each set of letters.  We even managed to get reasonable scores!

The sail back from La Graciosa is always the longest of the week, and so we have to leave promptly.  This week there was no wind in the early part of the day and we were motoring along.

‘Are those Mares Tails’ asked Ian pointing up at the sky where there were lots of high wispy clouds – cirrus – that with some imagination look like mares tails.’  Yes.
But what do they mean asks Ian.
This led me on to a detailed description of the approach of a low pressure and one of my favourite Rhymes

Mackerel Sky and Mares Tails make Tall Ships carry Small Sails

Sure enough by later in the day we had a typical mackerel sky, falling barometer and some wind to sail with.

It was as we were tacking along the coast that I spotted the telltale ‘blow’ of a whale.  The blows were regular for about 10 minutes as we were getting closer, and with each blow we caught a glint of the whales back in the sunshine.  Eventually just as we hove to to watch the whale we were treated to a spectacular tail fin as it dived. After much looking in the whale book we came to the conclusion that it must have been a sperm whale.  We waited for a while but sadly it did not reappear in the same place.

We gave up sailing as the wind died an hour before dark and within minutes of motoring we spotted ‘sea monsters ahead’.  Lots of dark fins that belonged to some slow moving dolphins that I cannot identify.  We drifted with the pod for half an hour or more, and of course it was dark by the time we returned to the marina.  Never mind, what a way to end a great week

We are now doing some maintenance jobs for a week before heading off  to Italy to ski.  Yippee!!