Ocean Sailing – are you up for the Challenge

2 Spaces available from Madeira to the Azores

madeira to azores

Are you up for the challenge of a longer passage.  550 nautical miles across open ocean.  This is not a course but a real ocean adventure dealing with the weather we meet and enjoying sailing and the beauty of being at sea.  We have a fabulous opportunity to visit 4 Atlantic Islands on the way.

2 – 12th April.  £1095 for 10 nights all inclusive on board

Feel the Atantic Ocean swell beneath your feet, the wind in your hair and the sun on your face. Experience fabulous sunrises and sunsets.  Take your turn at the wheel, pull on the ropes, practice your navigation and sail in the dark.  Join us as we cross the 500 miles of Atlantic ocean between Madeira and the Azores Archipelago and find out what ocean sailing is all about.

You will gain miles for your log book and experience taking part in a watch system.  You will find out about on board maintenenace schedules, long distance catering, weather forecasting etc. We are happy to teach the wonders of navigating by the stars, use of a sextant and  how the GPS works!.
If you are planning on becoming an Ocean Yachtmaster in the future a milebuilding trip also provides  the ideal opportunity to learn the practicalities without the responsibility.  Lin is both an instructor and examiner for this qualification and happy to share with you her knowledge gained through years of experience.

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