Whirlpools and overfalls in Corran narrows. Oban to Corpach

From our anchorage we can see across to the entrance to the Caledonian canal. There are 3 more boats waiting to enter tomorrow and we can count a least 4 in the basin waiting to progress further east. Looks like we will have a bit of a wait tomorrow morning.

Unlike yesterday this morning was dull and grey with a good deal of rain, but not to be deterred we left Oban and headed north. Firstly through the Appin narrows and then on to the Corran narrows. The tide runs fiercely here and it proved we had done our sums correctly – as we entered the narrows with our ground speed building. We were also surrounded by whirlpools and overfalls. Very exciting for Peter on the helm as the boat tugged him around in the waves, and for John and Richard below watching the speed on the GPS go up like a stopwatch.

Not too bedraggled now we have dried out, are well fed and watered and have started making plans for tomorrow – entering the canal and climbing Neptunes Staircase.

Getting ready for the Caledonian Canal

5 years ago we were sitting here in Oban looking at the weather forecast and thinking ‘hmmm, perhaps it would be better to go through the canal’. We even got as far as buying the chart. Whilst we were being pinned onto the pontoon in a gale and were not even about to leave the marina we started doing the sums and worked out that by the time we got through the weather would have improved enough to go the direct route to Bodo anyway. Since then its been a dream – but from tomorrow onwards it becomes reality. Tuesday evening guests arrive, Wednesday morning safety briefing, Wednesday afternoon off to Corpach. Thursday morning enter the canal and …. we promise regular updates.

Long warps – ready

fender boards – ready

fender cloths – ready

large fenders – ready

Off we go then – let the adventures begin

6 Places for the price of 4 – Family Friendly booking

New – book the whole boat to sail in Norway and bring the family.  Slap bang in the middle of the school holidays, 3 – 13th August.

Starting in Floro and ending in Bergen the trip along this coastline offers plenty of opportunities to explore new places.  Sognefjord, the largest fjord in Norway is at the heart of the route – with a group booking you can choose to spend longer in this fjord or simply not go at all! 

Family friendly – with a group booking our minimum age is 12.  We have space for up to 6 people in 3 twin cabins with bunk beds.

For more information see