Quaint cottages and fishing villages

The sun shone in Arhus for our short break between sailing holidays and by the time the new guests arrived Richard and I had topped up our tans.  The sun stayed with us and for our first sail to Ebeltoft we were warm enough in shorts and T shirts.  Clear blue skies, flat seas and 10 knots of wind made this a perfect first day.

After a stroll around Ebeltoft we made an early departure on the second day, to sail across to Isefjord on Zealand before the weather changed.  We had a rather long day, sailing 60 miles but often at very fast speeds.  Where we go to on our sailing holidays is always weather dependent, and Richard and I spend a lot of time planning where the best places to be are.

There was a gale forecast for the third day but being safely tucked up in Isefjord allowed us to still go sailing in flat water, the long day had been worth it.

Gilleleje was our destination for the fourth day of this 7 night trip, and turned out to be exactly a the book described.  A very quaint and picturesque old fishing village, with cobbled streets and houses with thatched roofs.  As well as being a  popular sailing destination, this is still a working fishing harbour and made an enjoyable stop.

After so much talk in my previous blogs about Helsingor and Hamlets Castle, this lovely town was again on the itinerary this week.  We left Gilleleje mid morning, along with all the other visitors and it looked like there was a yachting procession heading East.  This was to be a wet one, with thunder and lightening as well.  It was very apt that Richard wrote in the log, ‘In thunder, lightening and in rain when shall we 4 meet again’ but a shame it was from the wrong Shakespeare play!

We had a great last days sail to Copenhagen with plenty of tacking and sail changes, and we are once again tied up in the centre of town.  This time we are on edge of the main canal and we can see right across to Nyhavn.

Looks like the weather is going to hold for another week, I am still wearing my shorts and it is hot and sunny.  Next trip we are going to head south from Copenhagen and have a look at some of the islands in the southern part of the Archipelago on our way back to Arhus.

We start to head home to UK on 2nd August, sailing from Arhus to Kiel and Kiel to UK.  August seems quiet to us at the moment, perhaps everyone is planning on staying at home and watching the Olympics.  We have just reduced the cost of these last two trips to £745 for 10 nights fully inclusive on board, a great deal!  Why not join us instead