Sailing Holidays and Velvet Bellinis

We love our guest book and the comments people write in it.

Take this one from last week

If there is heaven on earth this is it
Exhiliarating sailing, gourmet food, great company, perfect.

We did have a great weeks sailing, with the weather conditions being perfect for every day.  Good wind, blue sky and sunshine.
Here is a brief overview

Thursday, arrive on board 1800, meet the other guests, dinner at 2000
Friday, sail to Puerto Calero, 4 hours, Force 3. Walk ashore before dinner.  Very interesting in Puerto Calero this week and next, there is an RC44 Regatta to watch.  Dinner at 2000
Saturday, sail to Arrecife, 4 hours, Force 5.  Take the dinghy ashore for 2 hours before dinner.
Sunday, sail to Graciosa, 8 hours, Force 4. Saw a pod of dolphins and a solo Risso dolphin.  We dropped the anchor at sunset and enjoyed the stars after dark.
Monday, spent the day ashore on the beautiful island of Graciosa, swimming, snorkelling, walking up the volcano and visiting the tiny village.  Relaxing evening on board with Jugs of Sangria but a bit too windy to light the barbeque!
Tuesday, sail to Papagayo, 6 hours, Force 3 and motoring, saw turtles. Anchored off the beautiful sandy beach at sunset.
Wednesday, sail to island of Lobos and along coast of Fuerteventura, 6 hours, Force 4, saw 3 more Risso dolphins, 1 solo and 2 as a pair together.

Wednesday evening back in Marina Rubicon
Beth made our week by dashing off to the supermarket and making jugs of Velvet Bellinis and Canapes for everyone before dinner, Thanks Beth
Thursday, sadly, time to pack and go home!

If you are thinking of coming with us in the future this is just a sample of what it might be like sailing in Lanzarote. Still a few places left at the end of February and March

Whats in a Beth’s Velvet Bellini.
Cava – lots, Lanzarote White Wine – lots but not too much to get rid of the fizz, Peach Juice, a slurp – just enough to give the lovely orange colour.
We usually go to the Jazz bar after dinner on the last night, but didn’t quite make it, no need for any more cocktails!