Solo Guests


We were disappointed that Madeira hadn’t proved as successful for us as we would have hoped, and as we had no takers we were expecting that our Madeira Adventure 2 would be spent in harbour catching up on varnishing. 10 days  before the trip was due to begin, we were pleased and surprised to receive a last minute booking.  We felt obliged to ring Paul up and explain that he would be the only person on board, but if he was happy we were more than happy to run the trip with only one person.  This is our philosophy, if someone books and spends their money we will run the trip.  If not, no one would want to be the first to book!

Paul arrived and immediately felt at home on board Velvet Lady.  He owns a small cabin cruiser which he uses on lakes and canals in Ireland, and as a self taught sailor was coming to find out what it is like in the open ocean.  Without meaning to we gave him a ‘baptism of fire’!  Tootling along the Madeira coastline, the afternoon breeze set in – just a little more than usual and we had 40 knots of wind across the deck.  Thankfully he took it all in his stride and enjoyed the experience.  In slightly less wind on the remaining days we sailed 140 miles in the week including a visit to the island of Porto Santo, where Paul hired himself a scooter to go off and explore for the day.  Porto Santo, although only 30nm from Madeira is so very different, it is nowhere near as high and has the most fabulous sandy beach perfect for swimming.

The sea temperature is slowly getting warmer, showing 21 degrees on the depth sounder now and Paul became the first guest of the winter season to brave the ‘Atlantic Ocean’ for a dip. 

We try especially hard when we have only one guest to make sure that they receive the same service as if we had a full boat – Pauls words in our guest book show us it is worth all the hard work!

Very many thanks indeed for a very memorable trip.  I’ve been entertained, educated and wined and dined royally and achieved everything I wanted from this trip.  Also visited some interesting places as well as re-learning to ride a scooter!  Many thanks again and many years of wonderful sailing
Best wishes

This week sees us on the move once again as we head further south from Madeira to arrive in Lanzarote in time for Xmas.   As opposed to not being able to sell places in Madeira, we have had to turn people away from this trip at the last minute.  2 people tried to book on the same day last week!  We also now only have 2 places left for Xmas and 2 places left for New Year, both still attracting lots of interest, so if you’re thinking of coming, book soon to avoid disappointment!