Sunny Sailing aboard Velvet Lady

This was our last week in Lanzarote and it was definitely our hottest week. The main disadvantage of the really hot weather is that with blue skies and no clouds there is generally less wind. After the first 2 days of great wind to sail to Puerto Calero and then Arrecife, we ended up motoring to La Graciosa and then motoring most of the way back.

The advantage of the hot weather and motoring is that when you see a group of dolphins on the horizon it is easy to alter course and head towards them. We spent a fantastic half an hour with dolphins surrounding us as we motored off towards Africa!

We anchored in Graciosa in time for a perfect sunset and then as it became dark a fantastic view of the stars. We had a great view of Jupiter and Venus in the west as well as a huge full moon.

The hot weather and calm seas held for us in La Graciosa and so we ended the day with our first BBQ of the year. It goes dark here at about 19.30 and to ensure we finished our BBQ in the daylight dinner was a bit earlier than the usual 20.00. With the BBQ out and the dishes all done we had an evening of games.

First off was ‘pass the pigs’ which a few of us had never heard of, made even more interesting as the gently roll of the boat often made the pig topple over after it had landed.

We then played a game that Richard and I had learnt last year when skiing where you describe and mime famous people and hope your team can guess who they are. (The names have all been chosen and placed in the hat by all playing the game and it is interesting the characters – real or fictional, alive or dead that come out) After 3 rounds, first round where talking and miming are allowed, second round where you are allowed only 1 word along with the miming and the third round which is miming only, the girls were declared the winners.

Some of the names proved hard to describe, especially if you haven’t heard of them. I struggled with Al Capone and Lori did a sterling job with Caesar Manrique by having a ‘seizure’! As with all games, this one was accompanied by a lot of laughter (and a fair amount of wine). Where some of us struggled with our miming, others were particularly brilliant and I am not likely to forget Greg swaying his hips as Pippa Middleton or Dick on his knees as Tom Cruise!

Tuesday was Richards’ birthday, and so instead of spending the night at anchor in Papagayo we decided to spend a second night in Puerto Calero so that after dinner and birthday cake we could take him out to the pub to celebrate!

The wind came back for our last day and we sailed from Calero, around Los Lobos and back to Marina Rubicon.

All expectations were blown out of the water! The Velvet Lady was wonderful. The hosting superb, the company was simply the best and the sailing challenged all of us at times (which is a very good thing!) The only negative is that it had to end.  Many Many thanks and would love to see you for a return visit.

We always have mixed feelings when leaving Lanzarote, after being here since December it very much feels like home, but we are really looking forward to our summer in Denmark and seeing a lot of familiar faces there. We also enjoy the change now as we set off on our series of milebuilding passages and watch systems.

These trips are become increasingly popular and we are now sold out until the end of May when there are 2 spaces from Ijmuiden to Oslo. The next day sailing spaces are not until 20 June. If you are thinking of joining us for the summer why not look at our Schedule.