Weather makes us late to Vilamoura

Our recent trip from Vigo to Vilamoura was not quite as expected.  Forecast strong winds and big seas in the Atlantic encouraged us to stay longer in the Spanish Rias and wait for a ‘window’.  How lucky we were to do that – as we recorded more than 50 knots on the wind dial in the shelter of Sanxenxo marina!

By the time the wind had abated it was becoming mathematically impossible to arrive in Vilamoura on time.  Faced with the choice of finishing on time in Lisbon, or being slightly late and making it to Vilamoura the crew opted for the latter – even though that meant a 400 mile non stop passage.  What an adventure, we still had some big waves, but with sun and wind some great sailing too.

Weaving our way through a fleet of about 30 fishing boats was the final challenge whilst also trying to spot the harbour lights against the background glare.  Success, alongside in Vilamoura at sunrise, not quite a day late and in time for our guests to catch their bus to Seville.  It is always disappointing to not quite stick to our schedule so we were pleased to receive the following

Many thanks for managing the challenging weather as best you could and giving us a full-on off shore passage experience. We all appreciate how much we learned from you both.

Ready now for the next passage – Vilamoura to Lanzarote starts tomorrow – looking forward to it, and getting to the sunshine in Lanzarote!