Velvet Adventure Sailing Ltd
PO BOX 2151
MK18 7WS

How to Contact Us

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For further information and enquiries you can contact us in the following ways:


Text Us: +44 (0)7801 627660

Telephone: Lin aboard Velvet Lady on +44 (0)7801 627660

Online: using the boxes at the bottom of the page

We value your enquiries and will answer e mails and phone messages as soon as we can, but as we do our admin ourselves please be patient when we are at sea. 

Alternatively you can send a brief message using the boxes below. Please leave a telephone number as part of your message as we may wish to contact you by phone.

We will always respond as promptly as possible.  It is extremely unusual to have to wait more than 5 days for an answer, if you find that this happens it is possible that your e mail has got lost on its way to us!  Please if you do not hear from us in reasonable time, send the message again. 

Alternatively you can contact us at the postal address above. BUT PLEASE NOTE it may take us several months to collect post from this address !

Many Thanks

Lin and Richard

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