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All of our trips are weather dependent, especially passages.  To help you avoid making a mistake and booking on a trip that is not as you expected we have decided to categorise all our adventures and give them a degree of difficulty rating based on likely weather, sea conditions and night hours.  The Difficulty level of each trip can be found in the At a glance column on the right hand side and also repeated at the end of the itinerary.  For more detailed information or advice do not hesitate to contact us voyages@velvetadventuresailing.com

The degrees of difficulty range from A for  the easiest to AAAAA for the most difficult as follows

A  Day sailing holidays during daylight hours.
These are great for all levels of sailor and definitely good for beginners.  Packed full of adventure in mainly sheltered waters.  You get a good appreciation of being at sea in a mix of weather.  We anchor or moor every night and have dinner in the flat.  There is plenty of time to explore ashore, and, if the weather is bad we stay in the harbour. There is plenty of wildlife to look out for and the navigation is intricate so it is never boring.
Lofoten Islands  
No sailing experience required

AA Day sailing holidays during daylight hours in more testing weather conditions
These trips are again great for all experience levels including those relatively new to sailing, but if you are expecting flat water like the Solent the sea might come as a bit of a surprise!  The swell of the Atlantic can reach as much as 3/4 metres and thus present more of a challenge.  Due to the prevailing winds we are often beating to windward in Force 6 winds and 3 metre swell with waves on top.  The harbours are more spread out so we have some long days as well as some short days.  When it gets much more than this we stay in port.
Canary Islands
No sailing experience required

AAA  Primarily day sailing holidays, but one day of the trip will include being at sea for up to 36 hours.
These are more likely to have longer days and either overnight sailing or some time out in the dark.  There will be a mix of short and long days – upwind and downwind sailing.  Although mainly coastal there will be some offshore sailing.  We will stop most evenings although sometimes we will eat dinner on our knee in the cockpit underway.  If the weather is bad we can change the itinerary and stay in port.  
La Coruna to Vigo, La Palma Expedition , Circumnavigate Fuerteventura
Previous sailing experience recommended

AAAA Milebuilding trips where we stay at sea for more than 36 hours at a time
With 2 or more nights at sea these trips build your watchkeeping and night sailing experience.  We are likely to be out in rougher weather than you are used to.  The boat can cope, can you?  
Expect sleeping, eating and getting dressed to be difficult.  There will be some seasickness and going on watch may feel like a chore.
If you’ve never been on a long passage before start with these - if you find you really don’t like it it will soon be over!
Plymouth to La Coruna – day sailing in UK, overnight to France, 3 nights across Biscay.
Plymouth to Oban – day sailing and 2 separate passages 2 or 3 nights at sea
Bodo to Kristiansund – day sailing and a 2 night passage
Lanzarote to Madeira – day sailing and a short passage 2 or 3 nights at sea
Madeira to Lanzarote – day sailing and a short passage 2 or 3 nights at sea
Previous sailing experience of at least 10 days required for all of these trips

AAAAA Ocean Passages

We are out longer than a reasonable weather window and so often meet strong winds and waves.  We require you to have previous sailing experience before you come and to have spent at least two nights at sea on a watch system.  We’ve all heard that the Bay of Biscay has a fierce reputation.  These trips are the next step up!

Vigo to Madeira – 680 nm passage, diversion for weather is possible to Lisbon or Vilamoura
Oban to Bodo – 1000 nm passage with places to stop en route
Kristiansund to Plymouth – 1000 nm passage with places to stop en route
Azores to Plymouth – 1200 nm passage, our toughest adventure of the log - open ocean and nowhere to stop!
At least 20 days of previous sailing experience required including at least 2 nights of night sailing and watchkeeping.  

Despite being rated as our most difficult trip, Azores to Plymouth always sells out first – anyone explain why?

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